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New Custom CDI for replacement of
discontinued or too expensive parts

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NEW replacement CDI for Yamaha XT, AG, TTR

CDI's are US made by us with US and Japan made parts. They use a
microprocessor and have the same advance curve as OEM but max
advance is changed from 30° to 31° plus has rev limiter set at 9500,
and a ground pulse out wire for electronic tachometer.

All Yamaha XT, AG, TTR, CDI's are $195 and $10 mailing.

Now available with two year warranty
Check for part number on old CDI





Discontinued by Yamaha

$195.00 with $10 shipping
International shipping higher, contact us.

Choose part number
from list


Please feel free to contact us any time with your questions or comments, and your feedback is appreciated.

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